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Take the stress out of those crazy mornings of deciding what your child will wear, stay on top of the trends, and be environmentally conscious- get ready to receive new outfit choices every month without having to dig deep in your pockets.
  • For $38/month (including shipping), you will receive 4 outfits.
  • That’s only $456/year and you get 48 outfits.
  • For every membership purchase, $38 goes towards a shopping spree for Harvest Home Mom’s.

What Our Members Have to Say

Great selection prices and quality Outfits make wonderful gifts or way to provide beautiful clothes at a reasonable cost !

Leslie Mayer

Easily the best experience I have had buying/selling our used clothing without having to sell it myself. I couldn’t believe some of the deals I found when I first started shopping! It felt too good to be true getting outfits for $18 that would’ve been double that even second hand- some were even new with tags and retail for $50. Out of several orders I’ve placed, when one minor issue arose, the company really showed off with their customer service. They seriously couldn’t have handled it better - and they truly make you feel appreciated as a customer. I was hesitant to send clothes off for “heart coins” at first. I wasn’t 100% sure how it worked or if I would get my money’s worth sending it in. I’ve sent things in twice now, and both times I’ve sent a few “high end” items mixed with several everyday brands, and I’ve gotten enough heart coins to get 4 complete outfits. Both times I mailed in less than 20 pieces of clothes we had outgrown, so it felt like a great trade off. Can’t wait to see this company grow, because I keep checking back for new outfits!

Whitney Luth

Convenient, Affordable, and Adorable! I love how easy it is to use MyLittleOutfit and keep my kiddos looking great without breaking the bank.

Adrienne J

My Little Outfit popped up on my Instagram, and their concept grabbed me immediately! I love buying my boys unique outfits that the masses aren’t all buying. After navigating through their website, there were so many designer pieces I love and some new labels I hadn’t heard of - all at the best price! I still can’t believe that every outfit, regardless of designer or brand is the same price! When we received our outfits, I was very impressed with the quality. Will definitely be snagging more clothing soon!

Juli K

Who doesn't like to dress their kids in the cutest clothes at a great price...and help the planet at the same time? My Little Outfit is a win-win for everyone! I love that I get to choose outfits from a huge selection of clothes and that everything is always in pristine condition. I love that I'm 'recycling' gently used clothes instead of buying new ones. I just love My Little Outfit so much. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Lisa M

Occasionally, when I go with my wife to second-hand clothing stores, I will look through the designer clothes myself and get stuff at a really good price below retail. So why not do the same for my two young boys...so I gave My Little Outfit a try to see if I can score a good deal. Bottom line: I was shocked at not only how large the selection was, but also how good the condition that the clothes are in. I guess it makes sense that the selection is large since kids outgrow their clothes so quickly and you get to trade them in for something that they now fit in. One more thing....as a Dad, I personally find it very frustrating putting things together in my son's closets. It is cool that My Little Outfit has outfits already matched to make it easy for me.

Paul H

Trying MLO for my 4 year-old daughter has made so much sense given the pace that she outgrows her clothes and the fact that it aligns with my ideals to recycle and reuse things in good condition as much as we can. This has also been the best time to try out the styling and delivery process from the safety of our home, when we are limited on wanting to go out to stores and malls.

Erica B

When we heard about My Little Outfit, we were super excited. My Little Outfit makes it so easy for parents to buy adorable outfits for their kids. Every outfit is so unique and different and there is a huge selection, so you can find any type of outfit you’re looking for. We love how buying clothes from My Little Outfit helps the planet since all of the clothes are gently loved. You don’t have to spend tons of money on expensive designer clothes, because you can find them all at My Little Outfit where the price is right! You can order so many adorable outfits right from the comfort of your home. This is the perfect time to check out My Little Outfit!

Mitra and Collette

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