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Our COVID Response?

In response to COVID-19, we are taking proactive steps and measures to ensure that we are complying with the current CDC guidelines. To keep health and safety standards in mind, wearing gloves and masks is required when handling all of our clothing. We will continue to monitor the newest recommendations from the CDC, WHO, and local government authorities on a daily basis to confirm that our actions align with the appropriate standards.

How do I get free shipping?

When you spend more than $50 or more or when you become a member.

Do You offer bundles?


2 = $28

3 = $36 – All with free shipping

Do I save more money if I buy more outfits?

Yes. If you buy more than one outfit you not only get a savings per outfit but it also includes free shipping.

Do I get to keep the clothing?

YES! You can choose to wear your outfits for any period of time. Remember, you can always trade your outfits to receive Heartcoins in return. Every Heartcoin is equivalent to the value of one outfit (a $10 value).

What makes up an outfit?

Assessed by style, brand and latest fashion trends. Shoes and accessories usually not part of an outfit.

Is every outfit the same price of $10, even a top designer brand?

YES! Even high-end brands like GUCCI, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, and others, are still ALL this same price!

Are all outfits upscale?

Every outfit consists of one higher value item matched with a standard value item.

Do you only carry gently loved clothing or new clothing too?

Sometimes we will have clothing that is new with tags.

Are all the clothes washed?

We ask that when you trade-in your gently loved clothing that you wash it first.

Can I separate the outfits?

No, they can’t be sold separately.

What are outfits of the week?

These feature the most exclusive designer brands that we received during that week. These go fast, so make sure to visit our website frequently, especially at the start of each week. When you sign-up for our mailing list, you will receive a reminder email every Monday that will remind you to visit our site to see the newest finds for that week.

Do you sell shoes and accessories?

Not yet, stay tuned! We will be featuring these items very soon and they too will ALL be one price, regardless of designer or brand.

When I become a member will I receive an email every month alerting me to use my credit for four outfits?

Yes. Depending on when you signed up to become a member, will determine the day that we send you this reminder. And we will send you this reminder email monthly.

When I become a member and want to spend my monthly outfit credit, do I have to choose my 4 outfits all at the same time?

Yes, when you do choose to select your 4 outfits, you have to select all 4 items at the same time.

What if I don’t use my outfit credit one month?

No need to worry! You will never lose your outfit credit. It will just accrue to the next month.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?
You may cancel at any time, or opt out of renewing your membership by email via our contact information or logging into your account page on the Site at least three business days before the renewal date and following the cancellation instructions there. If you do not let us know that you want to terminate your subscription at least three business days prior to the end of the current subscription period, the payment for the renewal period of the subscription will be processed.
Can I trade in ANY clothes not just the ones that I bought from My Little Outfit?

Absolutely, just please follow our guidelines when sending us your gently loved clothing.

Why do you charge a fee for a My Little Outfit trade bag?

We do this to cover the shipping costs.

Do I need to wash the clothing before sending it?

Yes, please have them washed so they are fresh and clean.

Up to what size do you accept clothing?

As of now, up to size 6X but as we grow, we hope to offer bigger sizes in the near future.

Will you take clothes bigger than 6X?

As of now we are just concentrating on these sizes. We plan to carry larger sizes soon.

Will you accept clothing without labels?

Yes, as long as it fits all of our other criteria.

Do you offer a consignment option?

No, not at this time.

Do you take in all the clothing that I send? And if not, what do you do with it?

We carefully look through all your items and using our guidelines, we select which outfits we will sell. The clothing that we don’t take-in, we donate to various non-profit organizations in the Los Angeles area helping the homeless youth population. These organizations include National Council of Jewish Women | Los Angeles.


What qualifies as a designer item when we trade in our gently loved clothing?

Brands like GAP, H&M, Zara, Joah Love, Hanna Andersson, Splendid, and others. Click here for a complete list of what qualifies. Keep in mind we are always adding to this list.

What is a Heartcoin and what is our process for determining trade-in value?

A Heartcoin is our fancy term for how many outfit credits you received when you trade in your clothing. For every 8 items we take in, we provide you with one Heartcoin – $10 value.

Does my Heartcoin outfit credit expire?


Do I receive more Heartcoins if I send in more designer items?

YES- we LOVE designer clothing as well as those styles that are popular and currently in demand. Depending on the designer and brand along with the current popularity of the item will increase the amount of Heartcoins that you receive.

Do you offer a cash back option when trading in your clothing?

Not at this point.

What if I choose not to use my outfit credit/Heartcoins for myself, am I allowed to gift it to someone else?

Yes, just let us know in advance.

If I sign up to be on your mailing list will you inundate me with emails?

Absolutely not. We will try and send you as few emails as possible.

Am I allowed to return and/or exchange my outfits?

We don’t offer refunds or exchanges.

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