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Meet Courtney

//Meet Courtney

Courtney Kanner Fishman is a Los Angeles native and a mother to two young boys. From the time she was two years old, Courtney has always loved fashion. Starting at a young age, her closet was organized not just by color, but also by style and by outfits. While studying at USC, Courtney started an accessory line of mobile phone covers with matching bags, which she sold at Fred Segal and other local boutiques. Upon graduating college, she took on a different career direction and for over fifteen years, Courtney raised money, built awareness, and managed events for some of the biggest national non-profit organizations benefiting children’s causes. Her career than segued to managing event venues and delving into hotel management.

Courtney now finds herself back full circle, to where she always dreamed to be — in fashion. Having a personal love for second-hand clothing, especially high-end consignment and, that being predominantly how she herself shops, it was important for her to dress and expose her sons to that lifestyle.

The next step in deciding to launch this business led her to test the concept in her son’s closets—and with friends and family who have young children.

As a test pilot, when Courtney’s first son was born, she organized his entire closet by outfit (matching tops and bottoms). For the last five years, both boys’ closets, which primarily consist of upscale gently-loved clothing, are now organized this way. This has not only helped reduce the time it takes to get her boys ready, but it has also become a convenient solution for anyone who helps in getting the kids dressed.

The desire to make upscale gently loved clothing affordable, at one uniform price, and styled as an outfit, led to the vision to create My Little Outfit™ store. Courtney is excited to see her fashion dream come true and share her unique taste and organization skills with parents across the country.

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