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The My Little Outfit™ store offers an exceptional collection of curated, gently loved clothing for babies and children up to six years old. We provide a unique shopping experience that maximizes efficiency and organization in your child’s closet. All the clothes are curated as upscale outfits by our stylists, making it easier for parents to find well-matched looks for their little ones. And to keep it simple, each outfit – is $10, making high-end clothing more accessible and affordable.

You can choose to buy a bundle of outfits, or take advantage of our Membership Program which offers a remarkable value and great benefits. As a member, you receive 4 Outfits every month for $38, which includes shipping.

Children can wear their outfits as long or as little as you’d like, because Trade is always an option. You can trade in clothing purchased from the My Little Outfit™ store. We also accept other sources of clothing, as long as it meets our criteria. Request a My Little Outfit™ trade bag, send it back to us, and we determine your trade-in value. We will then provide you with Heartcoins in return. Every Heartcoin is equivalent to the value of one outfit (an $10 value).

Our Partners


We are excited to be partnering with Harvest Home.

Harvest Home transforms the lives of homeless pregnant women and their children by providing housing, support, and programs that equip women to become great mothers.

MLO will be offering exclusive shopping sprees for Harvest Home moms in need.

Every time clothing is traded on our site, our customers will have the choice to either keep the Heartcoins (store credit) or donate them to a special fund allocated for Harvest Home Mom’s.

When a membership is purchased, MLO will match the funds, adding them also to the shopping spree fund.

Every month Harvest Home moms will use this allotted fund to experience a fun filled shopping spree, choosing outfits for their little ones.


Select the perfect outfit for your cutie! Each outfit has the same low price regardless of designer or brand.


Stay in style and in the right size! Whether your child wears their outfit once, twice or until it no longer fits, enjoy the look! You can also choose to keep your favorite outfits, forever.


We accept trade-ins at any time. Send us gently loved clothing, even if you purchased it elsewhere, and trade up to your new favorite My Little OutfitTM styles!

logo_ccfmWe will be starting our first LA Farmers markets beginning from the 28th of November.

Exclusive to Los Angeles residents, we are now offering a FREE service where we pick up your children’s gently loved clothing and offer you instant trade credit. Please email us if you would like to schedule this service and/or if you have any questions.

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